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Give them what they're begging for...

healthy, delicious food from companies you can trust.

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Quality Dog Food

We partner with Super-Premium Brands that you can trust to produce your dogs' foods in a responsible way, using freshly sourced ingredients. These brands put their money into the food instead of pretty packaging and advertising! That means excellent quality, good prices, knowledgeable staff, and easy in & out shopping. Let us help you match your dogs to a food that will give them long, healthy, and happy lives! If you or your dogs are ever unhappy, just bring your food back for an exchange or refund.

Dog paws next to a bowl of kibble on a wooden floor.

No wheat, corn or soy. No artificial flavors. No by-products, MSG or GMOs.
Just real good food!
Take a look at our favorite brands.


"Earthblend is a perfectly balanced diet that can be fed throughout all life stages, from puppy through adulthood, without ever changing the formula. It is the only food your dog will ever need!"
A bag of Earth Blend Super Premium Natural Dgo Food
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