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Dog Daycare

At the end of the day, you're tired...

and your dogs will be too, when they play all day at Smelly Dog!

Three people playing with a group of dogs indoors.

Monthly Daycare Membership Rates

15% discount

additional dog(s)
$87/ mo
20% discount

2 days per week

20% discount

additional dog(s)
25% discount

3 days per week

25% discount

additional dog(s)
30% discount

4 days per week

30% discount

additional dog(s)
35% discount

5 days per week

35% discount

additional dog(s)
40% discount

1 day per week

***If you have not been to Smelly Dog for daycare or it has been longer than six months since you've been in please give us a call to schedule an evaluation prior to purchasing a membership. All new members will require an evaluation and current vaccination records.

About Our Daycare

We have a large indoor and outdoor facility with misters, shade sails, and artificial turf. We provide constant supervision, interaction and monitoring of play by trained daycare professionals. Your dog will enjoy exercise, stimulation, interaction and play with other dogs and staff in a safe and comfortable play environment with doggie play equipment and loungers.

Person playing wit ha group of dogs.
Three people playing with a group of dogs.

Why Daycare?

Daycare is great for dogs with:

  • Anxiety / destructive behavior when left alone

  • Desire to play with other dogs / people

  • Need for exercise / overweight

  • Owners who work long hours

  • High energy levels

  • Small living spaces / no yard

"Our Lab actually smiles when we ask her if she wants to spend the day at Smelly Dog. It's the highlight of her week, and ours too as she comes home completely exhausted. A tired Lab is a good Lab."  
-Michael B.
Black Lab smiling with her tongue out.
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