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Smelly Dog

...not to mention, the BEST!


Nail Trim

Clip - $12
Dremel - $20
9am - 4pm

dog wash

$15 per dog, any size dog.

May come in 30 minutes prior to close .Must be able to finish bath before closing time.


dog wash

$35 - tiny and small dogs
$40 - medium dogs
$46 - big dogs
$51 - large dogs
$57 - grande dogs

$63 - XLarge dogs
$74 - giant dogs

$86 - huge dogs
$97 - enormous dogs

Wash includes: shampoo and coat conditioner, blueberry facial, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, blow dry and brush.

Appointment necessary. Last appointment 3:30pm

Clean Doggie 


That's right...NO CAGES! For dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs and who play nicely, our lounge is a comfy place for dogs to hang with their buddies until their owner can pick them up. Any dog who can't go into the lounge will stay with their groomer or at a 'doggie parking' spot outside the lounge where they can sit or lay down without being caged. 

Here's what makes our dog wash so great:


Quality Equipment

  • Hydraulic stainless steel tubs lift and lower to ground, making them safe for dogs and comfortable for people.

  • Warm water is thermostatic controlled

  • High-powered force driers remove water quickly. Everything is in one station, so no moving the dog around. 

  • Easy to use!

  • We clean up the mess!


Everything You Need

​We provide all amenities:

  • House shampoo

  • Conditioner

  • Ear cleaner & cotton balls

  • Brush & comb

  • Towels

  • Apron

  • Clean facility

Superior Products

Whether you choose our House Shampoo or go for an upgraded option, all our products are

  • All-natural 

  • Made in U.S.A.

  • Trusted Name Brands like Nature's Specialty and Aroma Paws

  • Wonderful quality that gets the results you desire, like soft, shiny coats that smell amazing!


Excellent Service

Our friendly staff will treat you and your dogs with kindness and respect!

  • Need some help getting the dogs out of the car? We're happy to help!

  • Have an elderly dog? We'll give extra TLC!

  • Not sure about which service to choose? We'll help to guide you and offer suggestions based on your dogs' special needs.

"I love how my Gracie looked and smelled after her Spa experience at Smelly Dog. The manager was professional like his staff. My Gracie was loved and safe. She wants to tell all her pals to have a Spa Day at Smelly Dog."

-Nancy W.
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