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We worked diligently to design a hotel that is comfortable and accommodating to animals, and also provides the security, convenience, and modern luxuries we expect for ourselves.


The dog and cat suites are custom designed and built from strong waterproof materials that are super durable, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, non-porous, and easy to clean. They also look and feel warm and inviting, just like a suite you would enjoy! 


Did you know most boarding facilities do NOT have people watching your pets overnight? At Smelly Dog, there will be 24 hour care for every animal. Also, parents can log in online and receive updates to check in on their best furry friends.


All dogs play during the day in our daycare group play for NO extra cost!* And every animal gets a bedtime treat, too! We feed your pet our premium foods, or you can bring your own. We post pictures daily and send individual messages to parents. So much fun!

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We just need the basics like dates and contact info. We will get in touch about your stay to get detailed information about your pets and all the extras.

This is NOT a promise or contract between Smelly Dog and customer. This is only a request for Smelly Dog to reserve a date. Dates might not be available.

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