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Wash House Menu

Customize your bath or groom and make it a real spa experience!

Specialty Shampoos $4

  • Itchy Dog - Soothing Mint Julep

  • Bright Dog - Whitening & Brightening

  • Color Fixation - Coat Enhancing Formula

  • Zen Dog - Calming Lavender & Chamomile

  • Pretty Girl - Cherry Rose

  • Pretty Boy - Cologne 

  • Nosey Dog - Vanilla Lemon Grass

  • Pig Pen - Deodorizer 

Having a Bath

Choose from our list of specialty shampoos and service upgrades.


Includes a visor & paw trim, eye & paw scoop, and sanitary.
ONLY $15
Can be added to any bath!


Add-ons $8

  • Paw Rub - Helps dry, cracked paws and maintains smooth ones.

  • Snout Soother - Moisturizes and heals dry cracked noses.

  • Teeth Scrub - Maintains healthy teeth and gums and reduces plaque.

  • Deep Conditioning Treatment - Intensive moisture for dry skin and coats.

  • Ear Hair Removal

Shampoo Upgrade
Nail Dremel
And choose one add-on for $25! 
Try our
Pop Package:

De-Shed Treatment

Tiny - Medium: $15

Big - Large: $20

Grande - Enormous $25

Dog Portrait

Nail Trim

Clip $12
Dremel $20

Playful Corgi
Serenity Package $30
  • Paw Rub

  • Snout Soother

  • Zen Dog Shampoo

  • Sea Salt Scrub

  • Nail Dremel

Dead Sea Salt Scrub $10

Benefits include:

  • Natural magnesium mineral flakes from the Dead Sea, imported from Israel, draw toxins from the skin, promote absorption of essential oils, and sooth irritated skin.

  • Epsom salt relaxes sore muscles, and reduces pain and swelling.

  • This scrub exfoliates the skin, removes dead skin cells leaving the coat fresh and invigorated. 

  • Essential oils of Rosemary, Peppermint and Spearmint reduce stress, improve blood circulation, and also help reduce joint inflammation and pain.

  • Great for dogs with dandruff, dry skin. dull coat, arthritis, body aches, or anxiety. 

  • Good for all dogs, restoring healthy skin and coats!

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