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We all love our dogs, but it’s not always puppies & rainbows. Get the low down on dog stuff you didn’t know you needed to know! Learn about nutrition, behavior, grooming, and exercise. Laugh about funny dog stories, and dogs in pop culture. Hear interesting interviews, games with guests, and audience questions. In general, learn how to be an amazing dog parent from dog expert Jackie Brenda’s lighthearted and upbeat point of view.

#4 Pandemic Fever

Yes, 2020 has been a s#!t show. Mostly due to, you know, the pandemic. So what better way to work through the frustration, than to laugh about it? When Coronavirus became a household name, I thought, “how unfortunate for the Mexican Lager.” I longed for Corona to embrace the irony and release commercials featuring their beer bottle and the spiky-spherical virus relaxing on a beach with their feet in the waves. Therefore, I give you my best interpretation of Coronavirus. Crack one open and enjoy! 

Coronavirus Costume.jpg
#3 Yes, Sensci!

Rebooting of 80’s classics is all the rage now and bit over done. Cue eye roll. However, Netflix’s streaming series, Cobra Kai, has reached the magical intersection of cheese and charm that keeps me wanting for more. Like most Gen X-rs, I laughed and cringed at Johnny’s middle-aged shenanigans. I’m also reveling in cherished child-hood memories of my first Hollywood crush, Ralph Machio, reliving his Karate Kid days. And now my kids chant “Strike First, Strike Hard, No Merci, Sir!” And my fur kids look fierce in these costumes!

Cobra Kai Costume.jpg
#2 Eye of the Tiger

The pair that over-took the internet this past Spring, the Tiger King’s Joe Exotic and Carol Baskins. The world could not resist the odd spectacle of the gun-toting, ballad crooning, Oklahoma side show Joe Exotic and his mostly toothless zoo staff. Who knew a zoo would feed Tigers past dated meat from Walmart? And don’t forget his arch-nemesis, the millionaire leopard-clad flower child, Carol Baskins. Did she or didn’t she feed her missing husband to the cats? Regardless, these costumes will get high paws this Halloween!

Tiger King.jpg
#1 Rose-Colored Glasses?

Definitely one of my favorite TV shows, Schitt$ Creek characters are impossible to pass over! While all four Rose family members are stylishly put together, and if I had four dogs, I would include the entire family in this project. But since I had to pick two, I just couldn’t pass up Moira Rose, and her son, David because every episode reveals show-stopping, and often giggle-enducing, mono-chromatic ensembles from this pair. You might even evoke an “Ewe, David!” from your group.

Schitt$ Creek Costumes.jpg

For Complete Instructions on how to make each one of these costumes, visit our blog page.

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