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Schitt'$ Creek David Rose DIY Dog Halloween Costume

Remember to post pictures of your dog in costume to your social media using #SmellyDogCostume2020

What you need:

-1 Black Dog Tee Shirt – $8.99

-1 Sheet Dark Tee Fabric Transfer Paper (Do NOT use Light Fabric Transfer because it is clear, not white) PPD Inkjet PREMIUM Iron-On Dark T Shirt Transfers Paper $12.95

-1 Sheet Thick Bright-White Cardstock Paper –

-Pair of baby sunglasses or Dog sunglasses that fit your dog – QUMY Dog Goggles $8.99

-Elastic (if your sunglasses do NOT have a strap)

-2 Pieces of Black Fur Yarn, 2”-4” each – Lion Brand Go For Faux Thick & Quick -Yarn $4.99

-Hot Glue Gun and Glue


-Cardboard piece that fits inside dog tee (I used the front of a cereal box)

-Ink Jet Printer

-Sturdy Piece of Board or Sturdy Wooden Table large enough to iron your tee




1. Print the Lightening Bolts Template onto a Dark Tee Fabric Transfer Sheet using your ink jet printer. My suggested transfer paper sheets do NOT need to be mirrored. Read instructions on the brand of transfer paper you have chosen to determine whether you need to mirror the image.

2. I provided several sizes of lightening bolts because large dogs will need large bolts, and visa versa. Use scissors to cut out the proper sized lightening bolts for your dog shirt. Arrange the lightening bolts face up (or as instructed by your transfer paper) in a semi-circular pattern starting at the neckline with the smallest bolts. Then work your way down to a second layer of larger bolts. For a large dog, you can make a third row of bolts using the largest bolts. Use picture as a guide to arrange the lightening bolts to mimic David Rose’s Sweater.

3. Remove transfer paper lightening bolts from the tee and place cardboard piece inside the dog tee shirt. Do NOT use an ironing board for this project. Instead use a sturdy wood table or board. Place a pillow case over the table or board and iron your tee shirt. Be sure to get all the wrinkles out.

4. While tee is still warm, quickly place the lightening bolts in proper places on the tee, either face up or down, as instructed by your transfer paper. Cover the transfer paper with silicon sheet, if needed. (Note: PPD transfer paper provides silicon sheet in package. Some transfer paper sheets come with silicon already on the back, like Avery Brand.) Iron the lightening bolts in small sections on high heat with NO steam. The PPD brand transfer paper suggests ironing for 3 minutes, moving over each section in small circles. But that is WAY TOO LONG for this! The white bolts will darken if you iron for too long. I suggest no more than 20-30 seconds on each section.

***If you are using sunglasses that already have a strap, you can skip step 5.

5. If your sunglasses do NOT have a strap to keep them on your dog, place sunglasses on your dog and measure what length of elastic needed to connect the temple tip pieces around the base of your dog’s ears and back of his/her head. Add 1 inch, for extra room to glue elastic to sunglasses. Then, use the glue gun to place a 1/2” stream of glue onto the temple tips of sunglasses. Then attach each end of elastic to the tips, using your fingers to press down and secure the elastic to the temple tip until the glue dries.

6. Print the Sunglasses template onto thick, bright-white cardstock paper using your ink jet printer and use scissors to cut out the shape that fits your dog’s sunglasses.

7. Use hot glue gun to place a stream of glue around the front rim of sunglasses. Then attach the white cardstock sunglasses template to the front of the sunglasses and use your fingers to apply pressure. The glue will adhere and dry quickly.

8. Using your fur yarn, cut a piece the same length as the top of each sunglasses lens. Next place two streams of glue on the top of the sunglasses over each eye, the same length as your fur yarn pieces. Attach the fur to the glue and again, use your fingers to apply pressure. Let the glue dry completely and now your project is complete!

Dress up your dog and exclaim, “Ewe, David!”

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